Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain comes in many shapes and sizes including peripheral, diabetic, chemo-induced, and phantom-limb among others. These different causes can contribute to nerve damage, cancerous invasion of pathways, and creating dysregulatory patterns in the nervous system. Despite decades of research, we are still looking for the ideal medication.
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The Role of Ketamine in Neuropathic pain

Nerve damage can lead to the release of inflammatory cytokines and glutamate, which is a NMDA receptor agonist. NMDA receptor antagonists like ketamine can often promote analgesia by preventing or reducing nerve sensitization.

Ketamine has not been shown to be a permanent solution to neuropathic pain, but studies have shown analgesic effects that last up to 12 weeks. While further research is needed to develop the ideal protocol for neuropathic pain, ketamine is an option to consider in such a difficult to manage type of chronic pain. Our protocols will be customized for neuropathic pain based on initial response.

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