Ketamine Therapy Pricing

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Ketamine Therapy

Mental Health Ketamine Infusions

$375 per infusion. Infusion and recovery time is typically under 1 hour, but it can be extended to 2 hours in certain situations. IV may be substituted for IM (intramuscular).

Ketamine Treatments

Pain Relief Ketamine Infusions

$1,300 per infusion. Infusion and recovery time may last 4 hours. Due to the duration of treatment, IV only is recommended. Mental Health dosing may be used when shorter durations are utilized.

IV treatments

IV Hydration

IV Hydration Therapy is $150. Each infusion can be customized to include various vitamins and medications. This is an all-inclusive price except for NAD+. Infusions last 20+ minutes depending on the level of customization. NAD+ treatments are customized and typically last over 1 hour.

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